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by Baroness Keira
Forum: Darkon Chapters/Alliance Discussion
Topic: Northern Vermont associated realm?
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Re: Northern Vermont associated realm?

Thank you for inquiring about starting a Darkon chapter. We just enacted a new system to make that possible for you! We're excited to be expanding our game nationwide, and look forward to working with you and other prospective chapters to help you get established in the World of Darkon. I'm happy to...
by Baroness Keira
Forum: Proposal Submissions
Topic: Senate Meeting 1/26/14
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Senate Meeting 1/26/14

I will be holding a Senate meeting on 1/26. I do not anticipate that this will be a long meeting. I require feedback from the Senate on a number of items. If anyone has any proposals to present at this meeting to be voted upon at the next meeting, please bring them in person or email them to me no l...
by Baroness Keira
Forum: General Forum
Topic: Snate Meeting Scheduled - January 26
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Snate Meeting Scheduled - January 26

Hi! I'm your 2014 Magistrate. Thank you all for trusting me with the responsibility. I hope that together we can accomplish great things for Darkon in 2014. I'd like to get everyone started on the same page. In order to kick off this year, I am holding a quick (and I do mean quick) Senate meeting on...
by Baroness Keira
Forum: General Forum
Topic: Elections are aproaching please read and respond.
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Re: Elections are aproaching please read and respond.

HI everyone! I'm running for Magistrate in the upcoming elections. Please feel free to message me here or on Facebook or find me at an event if you have any questions about my candidacy, opinions or plans. Why Magistrate? I have served in the Senate and as Magistrate in the past. I know that great i...
by Baroness Keira
Forum: General Forum
Topic: Feast 2013 - Yule Masquerade
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Feast 2013 - Yule Masquerade

Feast and be merry! This year's Darkon Feast will be a Yule Masquerade held December 7th at the Adelphi Mill. Join your fellow Darkonians and guests for an evening of delicious food and drink, excellent entertainment and fabulous winter pageantry. Tickets are only $20 and go on sale as of September ...
by Baroness Keira
Forum: In-Character Forum
Topic: Court Etiquette and Protocol
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Re: Court Etiquette and Protocol

If you are unable to remember the complexities of the system, there's a polite and socially acceptable "out". The "default setting" for all titles is ma'am/sir. In our system, "Lord/Lady" generally suffice for all ranks. I'm curious, do Orcs change the titles for female...
by Baroness Keira
Forum: In-Character Forum
Topic: In light of the Crown War....
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Re: In light of the Crown War....

I'd like to request clarification, Lord Chamberlain. Does this declaration mean that HRM is releasing all of his Knight servitors from their posts without formality if their conscience should dictate that they choose to side with HRH Prince Cailen in the upcoming conflict? In the absence of yourself...
by Baroness Keira
Forum: General Forum
Topic: Crown War November 4th
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Re: Crown War November 4th

I think this is a case of just posting in the wrong forum out of eagerness to get the info out, and a new post has been made in the IC forum correcting the original situation. This is going to be very interesting and fun for the game!
by Baroness Keira
Forum: General Forum
Topic: November 18th Battle: Bellum Aeternus
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Re: November 18th Battle: Bellum Aeternus

We have open merchant and entertainment slots available for BA. Interested merchants or entertainers can contact me ( amymcneal at gmail dot com) or Yaron ( to reserve spaces. Merchants: We're looking for sellers of products that nerds like us will like. Garb, accessories, armor, jewel...
by Baroness Keira
Forum: General Forum
Topic: Thanks for a great campout
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Thanks for a great campout

Thanks so much BAMC and BAMC South for running a great event this weekend! The premise was easy to understand and fun to play. All of the NPCs were enthusiastic and creative. The rain on Friday led to a muddy but gorgeous Saturday. Plenty of RP + plenty of fighting = fun. I sincerely hope the gator ...
by Baroness Keira
Forum: General Forum
Topic: I'd like an volunteer elder for land actions
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Re: I'd like an volunteer elder for land actions

I'm happy to help, just let me know.
by Baroness Keira
Forum: In-Character Forum
Topic: A Call to Arms...
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Re: A Call to Arms...

Winterbourne, Northern Kingdoms “Sir” Jared, et al. My husband does not reply to magic missives. He is entirely occupied with his duties as Lord Protector of the Northern Kingdoms Any discussion that you wish to have with him should take place on the field. He has been apprised of your intemperate s...
by Baroness Keira
Forum: General Forum
Topic: Campout Results?
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Re: Campout Results?

Congrats to all of the winners! I'm jealous of Tommy's wardrobe! Thanks Yaron and his helpers for running a fun camp out on short notice at a brand new park. You guys did a great job with a thankless task. Northern Kingdoms had a wonderful time. Also, thanks everyone for your patience and participat...
by Baroness Keira
Forum: General Forum
Topic: Re: Noble photos
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Re: Re: Noble photos

I'd like a new photo at tourney, please. There's a bonus in it for you if there's airbrushing to take care of the defects :)
by Baroness Keira
Forum: General Forum
Topic: More Camp Out stuff you should know.
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Re: More Camp Out stuff you should know.

We will be using the barn for a few hours on Friday night to conduct an in-game event. All are welcome to attend. So, dibs and stuff.
by Baroness Keira
Forum: General Forum
Topic: Pre-adventure info for next event...
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Re: Pre-adventure info for next event...

I am devastated that there won't be a #6. I thought everyone had been working really hard on the musical number! I guess I'll have to change my costume plan now /sigh.....
by Baroness Keira
Forum: In-Character Forum
Topic: Undead activity - Reports for the King
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Re: Undead activity - Reports for the King

I was alerted to the presence of a Necromancer and his foul deeds by one of my retainers. I instructed my man to capture said Necromancer and return him to me for questioning. My retainer followed orders admirably, and the Necromancer was brought before me for inquiry. The New Mordomian army was kin...
by Baroness Keira
Forum: Proposal Discussion
Topic: Darkon Chapters
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Re: Darkon Chapters

by Baroness Keira
Forum: General Forum
Topic: to the secretary Wraith
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Re: to the secretary Wraith

Capital letters. What are they teaching in schools these days?
by Baroness Keira
Forum: Proposal Discussion
Topic: Heraldry and Livery
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Re: Heraldry and Livery

I need clarification on the shield part. Under these rules, who would be permitted personal heraldry on their shields? Would blank shields be permitted? I think the shield section is very unclear.
by Baroness Keira
Forum: Proposal Discussion
Topic: Costuming
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Re: Costuming

I agree with Duke Andric. I think that players who are not appropriately garbed should not be allowed to play at all. No one-weapon-noob-style exception, just benched. Allowing any out of costume participation promotes rule abuse. If a player removes their armor, they should still be in costume to p...