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by Volney
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Topic: Attention Spell Casters!
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Re: Attention Spell Casters!

Humm. Sevral 'Price guns' one type or sticker for the spell books, another for weapons.

If a person does not want their book stickered then have a card that can be carried as the insert.
by Volney
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Topic: Darkon Coin
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Re: Darkon Coin

One idea perhaps looking into is having some form of consumable items that are sold for every event. Even for Battle days. Perhaps nothing game breaking but some potion or one use item that would only last for that day. Part of the reason for having the items every day is that currently the only rea...
by Volney
Forum: Proposal Discussion
Topic: The Scoundrel/ The Rogue
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Re: The Scoundrel/ The Rogue

Why not just say they the Writ made has a magical property that functions as a Last Rites on the target?

With the changes to assasinate all it would Add is the no Res ability.
by Volney
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Topic: Remove AoE
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Re: Remove AoE

List of spells that have an AOE Aspect to them; Commune with Nature - Special range, Detect Magic - 3' Radius on Caster, Detect Traps - 10' Radius on Caster, Dispel Magic - 10' Radius on Caster, Entangle - 3' Radius Spell ball, Fireball - 3' Radius Spell ball, Legend Lore - Special range, Light - 10...
by Volney
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Topic: Proposal - Starting Money
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Re: Proposal - Starting Money

As far as the last year of newbie speeches I had attended none of the five (spread out over the early months) covered Coin or for that matter looting at all.
by Volney
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Topic: 2012 rulebook link
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Re: 2012 rulebook link

It looks like the Rulebooks Page was changed, and the link from the Fourms was not been updated,

Darkon Rulebook - January 2013

Is the updated location. I don't mind it on the announcement section as there are no other direct links to get from the Forums back to the Main site.
by Volney
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Topic: A proposal for arguement & assassins!
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Re: A proposal for arguement & assassins!

Possible thoughts for the signature Writ; note that they could be counted separately. Said poison due to it's construction can not be applied to weapons, hence causing it to be used in a more RP style, (although perhaps allow it to be applied to a mortal wound to cause a lethal attack.) Also a quest...
by Volney
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Topic: Proposal: New AC3 (AR2) Chainmail Specs
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Re: Proposal: New AC3 (AR2) Chainmail Specs

Of note, is the inclusion of aluminum intended and or should it be? Only reason is the changes do not mention metal type.
by Volney
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Topic: With the Crown War approaching please ask your questions
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Re: With the Crown War approaching please ask your questions

What hit system is planned for the event?
by Volney
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Topic: A Challange - The Role of the High King
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Re: A Challange - The Role of the High King

Looking over the rulebook it seems to me that there is nothing stopping the King from creating/supplying a Guild or Army, as long as it is not to claim more land for either his country or Tarimstadt. The Royal Coffers can only be used to pay for defending the Royal City, rebuilding ships, recapturin...