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Topic: Announcing Caeldoarns garb "rental" service
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Re: Announcing Caeldoarns garb "rental" service

shroom2021 wrote:In the event that I am unable to attend an event I will try to send the big bag o' garb with another member of elidor.

I'll keep some space in my car for you.
by BagervanJager
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Topic: Think Tank discussion, Could kicking be made safe?
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Re: Think Tank discussion, Could kicking be made safe?

sport taekwondo uses a really hearty padding for it's chest and foot guards that fits the bill would fit the bill. I think they make a shin/instep type too. it holds up for those guys and they are usually swinging for the fences, at various angles. it's basically a really dense closed cell foam that...
by BagervanJager
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Topic: Financial Troubles of Todays Yutes.
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Re: Financial Troubles of Todays Yutes.

Having spent about 100 dollars for a year of bonus content on a local podcast, 130 for a hobby isn't that hard to justify personally. But what have the actual youth of this organization been saying? So far most of the arguing is between the established older crowd, aside from one or two of us. I kno...