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Topic: World Plot 2013
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Re: World Plot 2013

Lord Valfryn wrote:Image

You forgot to put "Free Candy" underneath the candle. . .
by Joybringer
Forum: Links to Photos and Videos of Darkon
Topic: Bellum Aeternus Pictures
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Bellum Aeternus Pictures

My lovely wife finally got the edited pictures from Bellum up on the web. Enjoy!!i=2244503908&k=5wwT98R EDIT: The boss asked me to add that few have been fully edited, just cropped, though s...
by Joybringer
Forum: Weapons, Armor, Garb, and Other Equipment
Topic: Bow help.
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Re: Bow help.

I got both of my recurve bows on E-bay for around $60. It takes some hunting, but they appear (and disappear pretty fast).
by Joybringer
Forum: Proposal Discussion
Topic: Land Rules
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Re: Land Rules

Once at a campout Selann and I were drinking (No, really! We were!) and got to talking about how it would be cool if there was a random chance that the land could search you, as it were. That is, a random chance on the table that instead of conquering a new hex you'd wind up defending a hex of your ...
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Topic: Removing Alignment requirement from Monks
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Re: Removing Alignment requirement from Monks

Might as well join the "yes fest." As Inox points out, there are many way to play alignment or a character that don't necessarily correlate to what people think of when they say "Good" or "Evil". When JB is clericing, he's a cleric of a chaotic good goddess of joy and h...
by Joybringer
Forum: Proposal Discussion
Topic: Cavalier - Replace Omitted Text
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Re: Cavalier - Replace Omitted Text

Lord Valfryn wrote:arming coats
leather or studded jerkins are acceptable
functioning transforming bumblebee suits
all acceptable outerwear for a non combatant cavalier.

And silk skivvies.
by Joybringer
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Topic: Props to Bellum Aeternus I organizers and vendors
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Props to Bellum Aeternus I organizers and vendors

I didn't get to stay nearly as long as I wanted, but I had a blast the entire time I was there. Kick the Can was awesome, and the multi-bridge battle was epic! The vendors had some excellent wares for sale. If I'd had a pocketful of cash our vendors would have had it all. So, to the organizers and s...