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by Askarus
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Topic: I cheat at Darkon.
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Re: I cheat at Darkon.

I can't believe I looked up to this man for such a long time. 10 years of fooling myself into thinking that he has beaten me with pure skill alone. Now I know the truth! What a disappointment you have been Thrush, you made me question my sanity. -Askarus - Guy who has never lost to Thrush in a battl...
by Askarus
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Topic: Lifting The Normal Campout Restrictions on Kids for Bellum
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Re: Lifting The Normal Campout Restrictions on Kids for Bell

I'll agree with thrush here, Having security at a "fight all night" event is a terrible idea. I'm the head of security for Ragnarok this year (and have been part of the security team for 6 years). There are a few things that you need to realize when it comes to volunteer personnel, they ar...