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by Blind_Rza
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Topic: Multiple Noble Characters
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Re: Multiple Noble Characters

I try to keep them separate. Rza (monk) is not a noble. He is kind, forgiving, humble, and laid-back. Raekwon (fighter) is a noble. He is mean, unforgiving, arrogant, and belligerent.

Just trying to have fun with it, you know?
by Blind_Rza
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Topic: Missive to Rayquon, son of the Emperor
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Re: Missive to Rayquon, son of the Emperor

Please forgive the lateness of my reply. Reading ink through touch alone is not an easy task. I am sure Baron Raekwon would have responded to this missive were it not for his current incarceration\re-education. I suppose the only suitable substitute would be his Emperor and father. The thrice blesse...