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Forum: Game Rule Questions
Topic: Clarrification regarding the Brooch of Shielding?
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Clarrification regarding the Brooch of Shielding?

This came up today at the event, by someone asking me out of curiosity. Namely, I was asked about the Brooch's effects versus certain self-generated abilities Regarding the Brooch of Shielding, The Rules as written makes it clear that the wearer is immune to *all* spells, though at the cost that Hea...
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Forum: Proposal Discussion
Topic: Conjured Weapon
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Re: Conjured Weapon

This seems rather overpowered compared to other abilities. Are the Weapons only destructible by Dispel magic? I certainly am not fan of this being able to create ranged weapons (does this mean arrows too? Can other archers/fighters use the arrows/bolts/javelins that are thrown?) The enchantment part...
by Noctis
Forum: Proposal Discussion
Topic: Monk Unarmed Ability Change
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Re: Monk Unarmed Ability Change

I definitely like this idea. Right now, all Monk Unarmed bars are really good for, are as an emergency back up weapon, or to remain armed inside areas of the event field where weapons are prohibited. EDIT: After reading some more opinions on the "Drop/taken=Wounded" aspect, I have decided ...
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Forum: Misc. Topics
Topic: For those who Home Brew: A store for Supplies and Equipment.
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For those who Home Brew: A store for Supplies and Equipment.

So, one of the hobbies that Darkon has introduced me to, has been homebrewing mead. Likewise, I know a number of other members are also into beer/wine brewing at home. Recently, I managed to find one such store that sells Homebrewing supplies and equipment for beer, wine, and mead, and I'd like to p...
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Forum: Proposal Discussion
Topic: Physical Coin transactions proposal
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Re: Physical Coin transactions proposal

Against as well, primarily for the second reason Itztafein notes. As I understand it, the Coin Marshal is about as in character as all the other marshals, which is to say, they aren't while they are in the middle of such marshal task. A Coin marshal is an OOC narrator keeping track of what money is ...
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Forum: General Forum
Topic: New comer
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Re: New comer

Pretty much what Cailen said. The general rule for races in Darkon is simple: A player may RP as any normal, or fantasy race, that could fit in a late Roman to Medieval/Feudal period. There's only two major rules/advice we enforce/encourage: 1. You gain no bonus effects in game for Roleplaying as an...
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Forum: General Forum
Topic: Found at Burtonsville 9/8
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Re: Found at Burtonsville 9/8

To clarify, I know the guy' who's missing the Spyglass appearance, but not his name (he was hanging around NK and Bloody Axe's spots, believe he's a newer member to the club), as he personally asked me if I had seen it (which I had not at the time). After he left, I presume that was you Shroom who c...
by Noctis
Forum: General Forum
Topic: Question about terminology
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Re: Question about terminology

That's the short version pretty much, for a bit more detail info, it boils down to this: When you check in for an ACS marked day, you still check in and declare your intended class (or "Newbie Fighter" if you still have to complete your first 5 events) for the day. This is only for event c...