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Forum: Weapons, Armor, Garb, and Other Equipment
Topic: Opinions on shark mail
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Re: Opinions on shark mail

Lord Valfryn wrote:Anyone who wears this currently: how does it hold up against other armor? Meaning if I wear it under my platemail, will it shred it? How easily do the links bust? Is there an armpit gap, how sizeable is it?

Avlis is the one to talk about on durability.
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Forum: Proposal Discussion
Topic: Shield Of Deflection
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Re: Shield Of Deflection

The shield is 24in, Thats what the rules say, so thats what it is built to. As far as the disguise thing, I think it would be a cool idea and I think the rewrite should make the shield similar to the brooch. As far as I have been in the game, I have not seen exceptional disguises from many people, ...
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Forum: General Forum
Topic: Costume Rules
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Re: Costume Rules

"If a Nomad was once a member of a Country that has gone defunct, or a member of a Country whose status is suspended, he may continue to wear that Country’s surcoat and symbol on his shield." To wear a countries symbol and surcoat you MUST have been in that country. If you are wearing a co...
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Forum: Proposal Discussion
Topic: Headband/Armband Survey
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Re: Headband/Armband Survey

I also love shooting monks. Its a much more satisfying shot when it lands, just like shooting Inox and Alfred.
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Topic: Royal Decree - Open Court Jan 29th.
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Re: Royal Decree - Open Court Jan 29th.

[quote="BilePlaguewind"]Fiyero: OR Bile has been gone! When you are the living incarnation of Chaos you must rain Chaos across many realms. Although Bile respects King Slindar's skills as a fighter, he does enjoy fighting the King and does not lay any gifts at his feet, except maybe severe...