multi piece core

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multi piece core

Post by RikaAra » 2013-08-29

Hey, I got a guy wanting to make a 12 - 14 inch wide 2 hander and the idea behind stability is to basically have 3 cores that all connect to a center piece which leads to the handle. Think a trident went really long prongs and a shorter handle, the prongs all covered in foam. I'm curious whether or not this kind of core is legal. I'm also wondering if that kind of width is legal. Any answers are appreciated :)

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Re: multi piece core

Post by BaiterofBAMC » 2013-08-29

That core will dubiously be legal. I'll list the issues here.

1. stability. How will these cores be fixed to the main central core? How will it be secured so stability is achieved? How will that be safe enough not to break on a good swing?

2. practicality. a blade with 12-14 of surface area ( i.e. buster sword) is going to catch air and will cause your swings to curve. Not a good thing.

It sounds like your friend hasnt swing a sword and more specifically constructed one yet. Have them work on a one handed sword first to get familiar.

You can make a perfectly fine buster sword with a single core in it. Most people will say that it's not effective ( me included) but if you insist on making one, then have fun with it. Just don't expect to be killing everyone on the field with it.

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Re: multi piece core

Post by Lord Valfryn » 2013-09-02

I have no problems with people making/ using ineffective weapons. Just make a sword with a 1" bandshop core, use a routed "fold over" of foam to the desired sillyness of depth, dap and go have fun. The depth of the sword cannot have more than 2/3 it's flat side, so however big the flat, you should be OK so long as you don't have the "edge" be like 6 inches thick. You will likely need to weight the pommel like whoa, and you should probably do some tricep workouts, so you don't rip your elbows out of sockets.

Be aware that there are people who are currently using blackswords that are lighter than my whitesword... so get used to being hit twice for every time you swing.

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