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need help with sewing machine... :)

Posted: 2012-01-30
by Lord Cailen Sendor
Hi all threw the years I have collected about 3 sewing machines that for one reason or another have failed to keep working properly most are low end singer models - from adjustments being needed to basic cleaning - to parts missing

i would like to get them up and running - cleaned and adjusted - and fixed if needed.

If you have the experience to do this and the time available we can work out something fair for your time.

From straight out cash to either keeping one of the machines for yourself or trading your service for in game weapons made by myself we can work out the details.

Just let me know if you can do it and what you would like in return.

Thank you,
(you can use the in forum message system I do read messages from there and check it reguraly)

Re: need help with sewing machine... :)

Posted: 2012-02-06
by Xunyl
Hate to break it to you but unless you can find someone who really knows what they're doing or if the damage is only superficial it might not be worth the time and effort to get those machines up and running again. The new Singers are notorious for being low-quality machines and depending on what you intend to do, even if you got them running it wouldn't be long till they break down again.

If anything you might want to just ebay the machines "as is" and put the proceeds toward a mid-level machine that won't break down on you. (Personally I'm a fan of Janome brand. I have the 7318 Magnolia that's working well so far and it's only about $200 on amazon.) But in all fairness I am rather bias because I would rather bang two rocks together in order to sew than use a new Singer... The results would be about the same. lol

Re: need help with sewing machine... :)

Posted: 2012-02-06
by Lord Cailen Sendor