A Guide I Found on Axes (So opinions?)

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A Guide I Found on Axes (So opinions?)

Post by Keth_Helmcleaver » 2012-11-25

I was browsing around and found this guide on making axes. Has anyone tried any of these methods for Darkon, and how do they work?

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Re: A Guide I Found on Axes (So opinions?)

Post by shroom2021 » 2012-11-25

Constructed this in that same fashion


Rolled on the core before it hit check in.

I am working on another designed based off of Edhellens axes, essentially the same idea, but instead of doing the wrap around the core itself, you build a thin club first (1 layer of blue wrapped around the core) then follow the butterfly method. The foam and dap will adhere much better if placed against other foam than if placed against bare cores.

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