Creating Weapons & wondering about latex

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Creating Weapons & wondering about latex

Post by btomp85 » 2013-05-09

So, I officially attended my first Larp event (even though I got lost and couldn't sign in) but really enjoyed the experience, and may I said I think the best part overall was just the overwarming hospitality and eagerness to talk to me even though there were men trying to behead each oterh (even though a few of them were a little nasty because they theought I was a reporter, I dont think I'll be asking about that one)

So I have some walmart foarm laying around and decided that I wanted to try my hand at making a weapon. I have found some tutorials online and am going to follow them to the guidelines that the darkon rulebook provides.

Now I have 3 questions
1. What are latex weapons? They look more real than tha boppers I've been seeing, but are they technically legal in Darkon? I am not intended to try this for my first weapon but it has really gotten me confused.

2.Does the weapon have to be covered in material (cloth) that represents what type of weapon it is (i.e. black, white)

3. When it says a weapon has to be a certain lenght (i.e. Thieves can only use up to 4' weapons.) Is this measuring from the blade to the hilt of end to end?

I'm sorry if these answers can be found in the rulebook, I have been reading it extensively but have found it hard to find any tutuorial videos online that are simply Darkon realated and did not want to make a mistake by using another clubs rules.

Thank you,


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Re: Creating Weapons & wondering about latex

Post by Lord Cailen Sendor » 2013-05-09

Glad you enjoyed coming out Bredan,

1. latex weapons are a special way in which the non striking surfaces can be covered in rubber and then painted it is legal but not on the actual striking surfaces

2. yes striking surfaces must be covered in specific colors but not related to the damage they do but rather:
holy weapon ; blue cover
relic ; green cover
javlin ; its stated in the javlin rules
seige weapon ; stated in the seige weapon rules
silver ; silver cloth

finally normal weapons can be covered in black,brown or grey with differing shades of each acceptable

3. most weapon lengths are considered the striking surface length from the top of the cross guard to the tip of the striking surface - but in the case of polearms and thieves weapon specs it is the total length of the entire weapon in total from one end to the other

the rules are in the rulebook they can be a lil hard to find if you are not used to looking for them

any additional questions feel free to contact me anytime

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Re: Creating Weapons & wondering about latex

Post by Prince Andrick » 2013-05-14

To be a bit more specific, we DO NOT allow latex weapons like you might see online. All Darkon weapons are required to have a core and those you see online generally don't. You are allowed to use Plasti Dip on the non striking surfaces of weapons and on shields, which is not actually latex and is currently the ONLY approved material for use on non striking surfaces and shields (other then the standard cloth covers). So really, the answer to your question is no, latex weapons are not allowed.
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Re: Creating Weapons & wondering about latex

Post by jayjay » 2013-05-14

although, if you wanna make some PD stuff,
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