Relic recovery list, 7/27/13

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Relic recovery list, 7/27/13

Post by Lord Valfryn » 2013-07-28

Bloody Axe: Bracers of Armor, Dagger of Venom
Chosen Blood: Maelstrom, JoL, Amulet of Protection, Mace of Disruption, Raven's Wrath
New Mordom: Staff of Healing, Wand of Gartan

Did not see: Sword of Slaying, Arrow of Piercing

Let me know if I missed anything, my brain was pretty heat-fried by the end of that one, hah.

mardux zulammar
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Re: Relic recovery list, 7/27/13

Post by mardux zulammar » 2013-07-28

Thanks Murph.

Short sword still looks like a Dag flail and the arrow is missing its nock(spelling?).

They'll be fixed before BeAe.
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