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Re: Campout (and preadventure) stuff

Post by Amazing_Iltztafein » 2013-09-02

Hosted by Kindred, some members of NK, some members of House Dubh, and some members of BAMC

This is what we CAN tell you:

    This pre-adventure will involve some boat battles and capturing the flag type stuff.

    Since there are boat battles...Bring planks!

    Be prepared for anything.

At this pre-adventure, you will learn what is happening to the realm of Darkon, before the boat battle scenario.

    Every country or group should design some rituals, which will do something pretty useful and be worth some points at the campout. The more awesome it is, the more awesome your points will be.

    Constant fighting will be encouraged... Which is why the next thing exists...

    There will be NO MODS at the campout.

    Friday night has an actual storyline that is very related to the campout. Showing up on Friday night will get you somewhere in the adventure, if you manage to help some of the NPCs out.

    This campout has a small goal of trying to get some money back into the game.

    There will be a tavern (see coming post).

Can a mod sticky this?

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Re: Re: Campout (and preadventure) stuff

Post by Cole McCrae » 2013-09-02

As you will not be "in the realm of darkon" for this campout coffer withdraws will not be allowed at campout, whatever you need, ask for at the pre-adventure.

As an additional note, the tavern will be providing potions, Blue moon, Cider and a * of hotdogs in exchange for a nominal amount gold (3 gold for hot dogs 5 gold for drinks). If you have any intention of drinking from the tavern please bring photo ID. I have wristbands to mark those able to drink, no wristband, no beer.
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Re: Re: Campout (and preadventure) stuff

Post by DrSquirrel » 2013-09-02

just remember, roleplay, roleplay, roleplay

also hits all the peeps
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