Found at Burtonsville 9/8

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Found at Burtonsville 9/8

Post by shroom2021 » 2013-09-09

I found a spy glass that looked like it would fit in with a pirate. I asked around and got the impression it belonged to a guy from Bloody Axe, I spoke with Notch who said he would deliver it to them (as he lives close by) and would speak with Sam about it.

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Re: Found at Burtonsville 9/8

Post by fingers630 » 2013-09-10

I know Tyriel was looking for a black sweaty tunic if anyone came across it.
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Re: Found at Burtonsville 9/8

Post by Noctis » 2013-09-11

To clarify, I know the guy' who's missing the Spyglass appearance, but not his name (he was hanging around NK and Bloody Axe's spots, believe he's a newer member to the club), as he personally asked me if I had seen it (which I had not at the time). After he left, I presume that was you Shroom who came up to me, showed me the missing spyglass that you had found, and asked who it might belong, at which point I tried giving the best description I could and to which country he might belong to

The Spyglass's owner was wearing a Potion baldric/belt/bandoleer (The one that had a waist pouch, potion vials all along the front, and a single shoulder armor piece as part of it), was wearing a crimson red shirt. He was also wearing prescription glasses. for most of the day that I saw him.

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