Fall 2013 Tourney Results

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Sir Caetrel
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Fall 2013 Tourney Results

Post by Sir Caetrel » 2013-10-19

Little bit late. Official Results:

Tourney Champion: Thorson (Northen Kingdoms) 15 pts.

Second Place: Fyxe (No Quarter!) 11 pts.

Third Place: Aiden (Northen Kingdoms) 5 pts.

Individual Event Winners:

Single Sword: Thorson

Florentine: Fyxe

Sword and Shield: Thorson

Great Sword: Aiden

Dagger: Thorson

Polearm: Thorson

Freestyle: Fyxe

Best Five Man Team: Asaheim
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Re: Fall 2013 Tourney Results

Post by Magistrate » 2013-10-19

Thank you for posting this brother!

I am in the process of etching the names in the chairs and it will not be this event but the next one when they are presented :) The following people please contact me with what you want on your chair and to confirm proper wording of exact names you wish on your chair(s) :)


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