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Title increases

Post by Lord Cailen Sendor » 2013-11-18

Greetings members of Darkon!

Seeing as today is the anniversary of my coronation to High King as stated late at the event I will be exercising the High Kings Choice and thanking members of our Nobility that have, or are serving our organization and the Noble Council in their deeds and actions. My thanks will come in the form of title increases for they’re service to the Noble Council and/or service to the club.

Many people whom I would like to thank with this gift I am not able to because they are not currently eligible. For the ones who are eligible I will state as best I can my reasons for doing what I am doing. It is the Knights option to turn down the gift if they so choose and I will not take offense. But if they choose to keep the new titles it will bring me joy and by letting me honor them, in turn they will be honoring me.

The following nobles I wish to thank for stepping up to defend in the ring when others could not or choose not to. These people defended for no personal gain against those who were honorably granted the right to fight to further themselves or their station threw a test of arms. Sometimes these fights resulted in personal injury or loss, which each and every combatant took with strength and grace. I am honored to consider these individuals brothers in arms regardless of their backgrounds or their religious beliefs even if they be different then mine. These Nobles stepped in the ring recently to defend as such I am offering my gift:

Baron Gwydion of Gladesedge elevating to Earl Gwydion of Gladesedge
Baron Martin Falconbridge elevating to Earl Martin Falconbridge
Baron Valfryn Ken'Virr elevating to Earl Valfryn Ken'Virr
Baron Caetrel von Garren elevating to Earl Caetrel von Garren

I will only ever offer this type of elevation for defending one time in my lifetime per Individual Noble, regardless if they accept or decline. It is my privilege for the above to be currently eligible and thank you for your service to the Noble Council.

The following Nobles I wish to personally thank for various recent deeds. Again I will only give this type of gift one time in my lifetime to any one Noble.

Sir Faleris, Saint elevating to Baron Saint Faleris
His self-sacrifice to the realm during the undead plague that eventually ended the plague was nothing short of a miracle. This is the least I can do for this honorable servant of the people.

Sir Kobalos elevating to Baron Kobalos
This man has worked behind the scenes for years to help further our organization most recently gathering information to help on many levels and to keep people on track. This work which he has never to my knowledge even received a thank you for I wish too give him personally thanks.

Sir Soul Lo elevating to Baron Soul Lo
I recently granted Caviler status to this man of talent and drive because of his success in the ring. He has been a staple to our organization and its people. Recently I found out that he is leaving us for another home in a place outside the lands of Darkon. I wish him the best and hope his experience with us, as an organization will help to guide him in the years to come. This is a goodbye gift from a friend and brother in arms that I hope will positively effect his life journey. You will always have my blade if you need it brother. Do us proud!

Count Inox Elsonáge Thensiur elevating to Duke Inox Elsonáge Thensiur
This man is more irritating at times to me then I can ever put into words. But his continued service to our organization on many levels is beyond reproach. I see his interactions serving to help in cases where his talents are needed and I am honored to offer him a title increase for this work that I have seen personally over the past year and a half behind the scenes.

Last but not least I wish to thank every single person that steps up for our organization without reserve.
In service,
HRM Cailen Sendor
++ Respect those above your station and train others under you to surpass your achievements - while you treat others with the respect you expect to receive in return! ++

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