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Crown War style campout event

Posted: 2013-12-04
by shroom2021
Story line would be similar to a crown war. One side is with the current king, the other are the uprising.
Friday night alliances are formed or broken. Assasins and brigands roam the roads looking to hunt down emissaries, messangers, and purses full of gold.
Saturday morning after checkin the two armies form out of site from each other. (On opposite ends of the campout regardless of country affiliations, camp sites become temporarily off limits to anyone in the armies.)
Each player gets one life for this part of the event. Clerics and res potions should be put to good use as well as armourers repairing damaged items. Once a player goes to hades he is out of the action until one of the armies can declare victory.
The two armies formed out of site of each other, so the generals of the armies will have time to manuever their army into the best positions and attempt to locate the other army while staying hidden. Rangers can be put to good use as scouts and skirmishers to harrass the rival army and bring back reports of their current position.
After one army has declared victory, depending on the time the realm breaks for dinner. If it is too early, the knights of tuesday could host filler events behind the barn. After the dinner break, with everyone rested up and ready to fight again, the seige begins.
Same rules apply for the seige, with the exception that the two opposing armies now form within sight of each other. One in the castle and one in the field. As players go to hades they are out of the fight(unless resurrected before then).

After the seige is over, depending on the time more games can be held until pits open for betting and the evening activites begin.


Re: Crown War style campout event

Posted: 2013-12-05
by Thrush Svartehjertet
I'd do it, but you will have some "not important enough to rez because I don't know you and you're not in my country" kids getting put out of the fight real early in the event who will be real bored...


Re: Crown War style campout event

Posted: 2013-12-05
by Sir Tyriel Firebrand
I like it but I'm with Thrush on that one.

Re: Crown War style campout event

Posted: 2013-12-05
by Sir Aethilgar
Hah, I was having this discussion on FB earlier today.

Re: Crown War style campout event

Posted: 2013-12-13
by Kobalos
It sounds interesting, but I think there will need to be some stuff to stretch stuff out. Otherwise, some may be tempted to play it just like a day event Crown War, which is over in a couple hours. Some thoughts--

1. One thing that will stretch it out is the use of adventure-only skills, if people take advantage of them
2. Perhaps the "field battle" has Hades active until 2:30pm or so, then it closes, so everyone gets to fight for a solid hour or so.
2a. The last thing a siege battle needs is Hades ;)
3. Side quests for relics (either standard or campout-specific)