Dropping By to Introduce Myself...

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Dropping By to Introduce Myself...

Post by Ryves » 2014-01-03

Hello, Darkon folks!

My name is Rondy, and I will be joining you all fairly soon (though I'm not entirely sure of exactly 'when'), and I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and say hello.

I played Darkon (at least I believe that it was called Darkon, my memory isn't what it used to be) once back when I was 18 with some friends, and I had a BLAST; however, right after that day I moved away for a while. Life moved on, I became a father (and she is now 13... eek), and I got old and fat.

For the most part, I had forgotten about such gaming. I figured that the game I had so much fun playing so many years ago had long since faded out. Imagine my surprise when, while idly surfing internet sites, I found the Darkon website via some website about LARP'ing, and how happy I was to see that it was still going on! I figured, why not? A good bit of exercise and some fun to boot.

I will be playing Ryves, a heartless and cruel (depending on whose stories you believe) Barbarian, a man who seeks only glory, gold, wenches, and gold and wenches, and wenches wearing gold. But once I have the required credits, I will probably be playing (most of the time) my favorite creation - Aim Swayoff, the Hapless Assassin.

I created Aim Swayoff a little over ten years ago and I've grown quite fond of him over the years. He's a fool, a moron, and an idiot, but he's always amusing. He's a Warrior who dreams of being the world's greatest Assassin; as such, he can be a dangerous opponent in combat, but is, even on his best days, the worst Assassin the world has ever seen. Those targets that Aim does manage to kill are usually killed by accident and sheer dumb luck, like the time he assassinated a Mage by mistakenly poisoning her beloved flock of prized chickens, who were driven insane by the poison (a bit peckish, you might say), and proceeded to peck the Mage to death.

Aim Swayoff is very dangerous to anyone who happens to be standing near his intended target... the number of innocents that he has maimed is staggering. How I will bring Aim's antics to "life" is still unknown, but I'll figure it out somehow.

I look forward to meeting you all, and 'killing' you all, on purpose (rarely) and by accident (most likely!) soon! Hope y'all had a happy New Year's celebration.
I fight only for glory, gold, and wenches. And the gold usually goes to buying more wenches.

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Re: Dropping By to Introduce Myself...

Post by shroom2021 » 2014-01-05

Welcome back to Darkon!

If you need any garb I usually bring enough to kit out at least 2 people from head to toe, well, shoulders to toes. (Shoes wraps/covers, pants, tunic, sash). The quality of the garb is pretty good to, but isn't one size fits all and is given out at a first come first server basis. So far I have only lost a couple pieces to people being forgetful, but considering most is gathered from occasional visits to good will it's not a great loss.

Also if you need weapons I usually bring a couple of swords and extra polarms as well and an extra shield.

Just look for the guys in green with a deer on their tabbard.

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Re: Dropping By to Introduce Myself...

Post by Guy The Bloodied » 2014-01-06

Welcome back, good fun and roleplaying is always awesome!
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Re: Dropping By to Introduce Myself...

Post by Ryves » 2014-01-07

Thanks guys! I look forward to meeting you all soon.

And thank you for your kind offer, Shroom. I doubt the clothing will fit me, but I certainly will need to borrow a sword for the first game or two. I will certainly look for you!
I fight only for glory, gold, and wenches. And the gold usually goes to buying more wenches.

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