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Snate Meeting Scheduled - January 26

Posted: 2014-01-04
by Baroness Keira
I'm your 2014 Magistrate. Thank you all for trusting me with the responsibility. I hope that together we can accomplish great things for Darkon in 2014.

I'd like to get everyone started on the same page. In order to kick off this year, I am holding a quick (and I do mean quick) Senate meeting on January 26 at Oregon Ridge to go over procedural stuff for the year. I will also have some information from our Chapters Committee that we need to get fast tracked. Those guys have been working hard to get chapters off the ground, and it is time that we get moving again on seeing chapters become a reality for Darkon.

I also need contact information for every country, to keep you informed about Senate goings on, proposals, event messages and other important stuff. If you're that person, send me your information. I'd like a phone and an email, but just an email is fine if you don't want to give me your number. I can be reached by email at most easily at the moment.

In addition, I am forming an Arts and Sciences committee. I'm looking for qualified folks who want to help get Arts and Sciences competitions off the ground, and help us get the game looking fabulous. Send me an email or message if you're interested. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns or suggestions. I'll have a full report for what's cooking this year to help get the game moving forward for Senators and interested folks on January 26th.