Hail, Warriors!

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Hail, Warriors!

Post by Reginhard » 2014-02-08

I am called Reginhard, and I am a newcomer to these lands.

My heart beats red with joy at the song of so many warriors meeting to fight and feast.

I am camped for now in the village Westminster, of Maryland. Send a crow - or whatever it is you use - and we may yet meet in person.

Who is called wise in the ways of Darkon? To whom would I write for answers? What 'countries' camp near to Westminster?


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Re: Hail, Warriors!

Post by Snudge » 2014-02-10

Any post here will usually net a response, what specifically do you want to know? We have a posted events schedule with links to the locations. My initial advice is for you to come to a darkon event and see what its all about in person. You'll meet alot more people that way.
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Re: Hail, Warriors!

Post by Lord Valfryn » 2014-02-11

Faster responses come from the Darkon Facebook group. Westminster isn't too far out, most of the players are baltimore-ish.

some stuff:
source material (rules) are found at http://www.darkon.org/rulebooks/DarkonR ... an2013.pdf

. You will want to at least read the "new to darkon" and "combat" sections. It will make things much easier. Be sure to look into the gameplay policies and print enough waiver forms for you and all of your brigand buddies. http://www.darkon.org/policy.html

, the official forums are also useful, though the search feature is giving me grief right now. index.php

that's where I would go to look into existing countries and their RP material under "recruitment" or even under the realm pages @ http://www.darkon.org/realm.html

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Re: Hail, Warriors!

Post by Inox » 2014-02-12

When I started playing, I lived in Carroll County as well. There aren't going to be a lot of people right down the street, but as Lord Valfryn said, a lot of the game's players are right in Baltimore.

I'm sure if you hang out on the Facebook page and make it out to an event, you'll meet some relatively-local people.
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Re: Hail, Warriors!

Post by mtaylor » 2014-02-21

There are at least two of us just south of Westminster.

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