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help please

Post by Lord Cailen Sendor » 2014-05-02

To help Amy Gardner McNeal (as she is busy at the moment and has not had the time yet to post a full agenda with full proposal wordings) to get info out to countries so that they know what is going to be discussed this coming senate meeting if you put in a proposal and had confirmation it is going to be discussed please post here exactly what your proposal(s) are so countries have time to discuss it before a senator of that country has to vote on it ... thank you

Elections ( President, VP)
Treasury ---- what is this?? as it has no person named as presenting
and if you have the full wording for any of these please post it

Mage Proposal ( Sergio) VOTE
Potions and Scrolls ( Fingers) VOTE
Giant Growth ( Fingers) VOTE
Weapons Proposal (Tyriel) VOTE
magic and holy prop ( Inox) VOTE
Warrior Mage ( Inox) VOTE
Title Cleanup – Nobility ( Inox) VOTE
Javelin of Lightning ( TJ) VOTE
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