An Alternative Opinion on Coins

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An Alternative Opinion on Coins

Post by Lord Dubh » 2014-09-11

Dear Darkon,

Every corporation has expenses and Darkon is no exception, from site fees to insurance most all expenses are to promote the club, have places to play or protect the club. We also have a cost for something that increases the enjoyment of the game and we should continue and even expand on it. COINS!! Darkon should budget to buy around 1000 coins per year, or 5000 coins every two years with a special 1000 coin run for new High Kings. Just suck it up. The cost is not so extreme for what Darkon can bring in for the year and this is exactly what we should be spending the money on. Things that make the game better. Coins make the game better. Coins make the game fun. Coins are awesome, and every other club out there thinks so too.

People bitch about Darkon losing money because coins get lost. Darkon is not losing money. Darkon is investing in the fun of our club which pays back every time we spend a coin. Every time we steal a coin. Every time we find a coin on the ground. Fact I said above. Coins are awesome. Coins make the game fun.

So again, lets just budget for the expense. It is no big deal and it provides something awesome.

Have a fun day.

Sir Bendore Dubh of Dai-Dagan, CR, KR, OG, OR, CB, CC
Master Thief of Darkon


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