Siren for Secretary 2015

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Siren for Secretary 2015

Post by Siren » 2014-10-02

Hey there Darkon, it's that time of the year and i am throwing my hat into the ring as a candidate for Secretary.

Feel free to ask away with legit questions or concerns here, on the fb thread, through pms, or on the field and I will do my best to answer.

For anyone who isn't familiar with me have a small resume:

-playing for 8.5 years
-has held multiple marshal positions over the years
-has sat in for the secretary if they were unable to make events
-is pretty awesome


Az'Sirenythe Azuviir Kreatondaughter
Warrior of Ched Nasad
Leader of the Myrmidon Entertainment Guild
Sailing Master of the CNS. IHM. Eastern Pride
Way too many other titles to list here...

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