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Inox for Treasurer 2015

Post by Inox » 2014-10-02

Since we're a month to the day from elections, I am also announcing that I will run for Treasurer again in 2015.
I have been Treasurer throughout 2014, and have managed to build up Darkon's cash reserves considerably ($15.4K in the bank currently).

I've handled the administrative aspects of the job at events--having been to every event to run check-in, of course--but I've also making sure all of the behind the scenes work got done (securing insurance, handling tax & corporate paperwork, writing checks, managing our budget, etc.). Reimbursement has been prompt.

Recently I rewrote and expanded the section of the bylaws dealing with Treasurer and Secretary duties. What I want to do in 2015, though, is twofold:

I want to continue to develop the record keeping/accounting processes that I've been putting into place, and then codify those into an easy method that future Treasurers can easily use.

Plus, I want to leverage my expertise as a licensed Maryland attorney to evaluate how we move forward with developing structures and aspects of the Willoughby Farms site, as well as any other locations where we have such options. I will make sure that not only do we spend wisely, but that we're protected as an organization to the greatest extent possible.

I hope you can continue to have confidence in me to serve the game as Treasurer in 2015.
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