Fingers for Magistrate 2015

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Fingers for Magistrate 2015

Post by fingers630 » 2014-10-07

Greetings and salutations. Most of you know me, I am Lucius Alexander Crum or Fingers, Noble of the Realm, and 20 year vet of Darkon. I have been a multiple time Head Event Marshal, Spell Marshal, and Weapons Marshal, have run many events over the years including several campouts, and have actively sought to make Darkon a better game with tweaks and fixes sent through Senate.

Senate is a big portion of the game, like it or hate it, it has to happen, to allow the game to change, to grow, and to make it as balanced and fun for the majority of its players. I have been a senator for Elidor many times, including every Senate meeting in 2014.

My goal for 2015 is to set a better standard for communication between the Magistrate and the People of Darkon than we have had in the recent past. There is no slight intended against previous Magistrates, but I feel a better job can be done in keeping the people informed about upcoming Senate meetings, topics on the agenda, and rule changes that have gone through.

I would like to set it up so that topics are discussed, concerns made and addressed, and the topics voted on the following Senate meeting, allowing for discussion amongst country members. Too often this past year it seemed as if a topic was discussed briefly, then voted on without anything going back to the country for debate.

I would like to better organize the Senate meetings, wherein it is not a constant yelling match between 2 players that disagree. Presenters will be allowed to speak, and then each country will be given a brief time to ask questions. The questions can be answered by the proposer to the best of their knowledge, and then responses taken back to the country for debate.

On senate events where there is to be voting, we will be voting. These senate events should not take 3 hours. Questions should have been already asked at the previous meeting, or at an off time between the meetings via Facebook o in person to the presenter. Too much time is wasted re-debating the same problems.

Finally in regards to Senate, results will be posted on this message board and linked to the FB group BEFORE the next event. I will work diligently with the web master to make sure the online RB is as up to date as possible.

As far as other duties of the Magistrate, I feel I am fairly well versed in the rules of Darkon, and impartial when it comes to any clarifications I may need to make. If called upon to do so, I will present my clarification ruling to the Senators at the next Senate meeting for their approval and amend my ruling if needed. I will readily work with the VP in regards to petitioning Knights of the game, and I will do my best to ensure that each event begins with as little problems as able. I am usually one of the first to arrive at events, assisting with marshaling duties, or if needed Eldering.

I thank each of you for the opportunity to help Darkon remain the great game we all enjoy and look forward to continuing to serve the People.
Justicar Lucius Alexander Crum
Archmage of Elidor and Lord of the Realm
Queen of the Silly People

"I'll grapple with greasy fingers... Just sayin'..."-Thrush

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