ideas for items to sell

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ideas for items to sell

Post by Khronos » 2012-02-03

i am currently in the process of finding things to use in many forms of media to sell

by media i mean silk screening, sublimation and many other things

does anyone have any ideas on what to put things on and by things i mean country symbols, personal symbols, names etc.

i can sublimate damn near any picture or design on to damn near anything

right now i am working with 4x4 tiles and can put them in napkin hoolders, key holders, costers, etc and using glass which looks nice also

for silk screening so far just been using white simple thread fabric and can do a good bit amount of designs and am going to try different ideas out next week

anyone have any ideas on what they would like to see i am going to start to produce some things with different designs and bring the places to then reproduce with whatever image needed.


i need to look into it much more to find out how to do it exactly to reproduce it to look good

i have all the machines necessary to get it done with a high end printer and heater along with a high end deign plotter for any images to big for regular paper and can do designs small to 3 feet by however big the paper is

ok well thats about it thanks fo your time just trying to get a feel for things and trying to have a good start to managing a small side of my moms bussiness and further advancing what she wants to do

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