Election- Sir Wulfvin for VP

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Election- Sir Wulfvin for VP

Post by Sir Sturmbjorne » 2015-04-21

Hello there!
I am Sir Wulfvin of Asaheim aka Bryan Lolmaugh Jr. I am a Veteran of Darkon and Knight of the Realm.
I have served as Treasurer and every Marshal position as dictated by my title of Noble.

I am throwing my name in for the position of Vice President. Below, I have the responsibilities of the VP and my quick-response to them. If you have any questions or concerns, please post here or address them at Senate.

Here are the Responsibilities of the VP:
b. Vice President
i. Chairs the Noble Council (the Council, see Article V) and sets its meetings and
agenda. As a Noble, I already attend these, and will do my best to improve the note-taking and other clerical duties associated with this position. I will do my best to wrangle in any and all unruly Nobles and keep our meetings as short and sweet as possible, while making sure the content of our meetings is pertinent and resolved at the end of the meeting. I will strive to make sure that meeting notes/minutes are kept readily available and detailed, to avoid any problems in record keeping.
ii. May appoint assistants to aid in the performance of the positions duties.
iii. Appoints a Relics Marshal, and, Potions and Scrolls Marshal, and other Marshals
as needed for duties specific to the Vice President and Council. I will keep a list of the Marshals updated and posted here and on the Facebook page as needed.
iv. Collects and maintains the list of Marshal positions for the Council. The Marshals are something that I will be making sure are dealt with immediately upon taking over the position. I will be keeping a list of Marshals on me at all times when attending events and will be pushing those Marshals that I see not actively helping with their volunteered duties to do them. I will keep a list of the Marshals updated and posted here and on the Facebook page as needed.
v. Is the liaison with other clubs of the same purpose. This is where you will see that I lack, I do not have cross-gaming experience, But I will do my best to meet with any and all representatives from other clubs to further Darkon and the relationships we have with other clubs. This includes any cross-gaming events or mutually beneficial events. I would like to further our work with nearby foam fighting organizations that wish to officially become chapters, and maintain an open communication channel for that purpose.

vi. Responsible for requesting the submission of petitions for Squire and Knight of
the Realm. Petitions for Knight of the Realm are to be delivered to the Secretary. Fairly Straight Forward.
vii. Shall be responsible for first aid kits and ensure all Board members have one at
each event.Fairly Straight Forward.

Baron Wulfvin Sturmbjorne, KR, OSW, CC, OD, CM(Druid)
Knight of the Realm
King of Asaheim
Huskcarl and Jarl of Asaheim
President 2015
"Bound by honor, Released in death" - Felgardian Contract of Arms

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