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Elections-Zahar (Jessica Cooke) Blackwatch- VP

Post by Zahar » 2015-04-21

I’m Zahar of Blackwatch. My real name is Jessica Cooke. I graduated with a degree in Business Administration. I’m currently employed as a Financial Management Analyst for the government and I’m a year away from graduating with a Masters in Business Administration. I’ve been in Darkon since 2012. While not a noble and having never previously served on the EB, I have served several leadership positions in other organizations and I’m looking to give back to the Darkon Community as Vice President.

I’ve been active on the field as well as through senate meetings in Darkon and want to take a more active role. As a Vice President I would seek to have a term of truth, transparency, and consistency.

Truth and Transparency: Provide better resources to connect the Noble Council and the general Darkon population. I would seek to create a database of issues, complaints, timelines, and actions to provide tangible and quantitative data for future Darkon use. I would also seek to improve relations between the general Darkon population and the Nobles who have been to chosen to serve.

Consistency: I would seek to create a consistent and stream-lined guide to Noble Council actions as stated by the bylaws and as needed by the Darkon Population.

Per the By Laws, the Vice President is responsible for:
-Chairs the Noble Council (the Council, see Article V) and sets its meetings and agenda
While not a Noble I feel that a non-Noble will provide balance and a better relationship between all Darkonians.

- May appoint assistants to aid in the performance of the positions duties.

- Appoints a Relics Marshal, and, Potions and Scrolls Marshal, and other Marshals as needed for duties specific to the Vice President and Council

-Collects and maintains the list of Marshal Positions for the Council
I would ensure that Darkonians are able to identify the appointed Marshalls through validated and available records

- Is the liaison with other clubs of the same purpose
While I have not cross-gamed I would continue to facilitate the exchange of ideas and events as desired by the Darkon population, including participating in similar club events if it better serves Darkon as a whole

-Responsible for requesting the submission of petitions for Squire and Knight of the Realm. Petitions for Knight of the Realm are to be delivered to the Secretary.

-Shall be responsible for first aid kits and ensure all Board members have one at each event
In addition to providing first aid kits I would like to collect data on the injury types and the causes of injury in order to form better conclusions about safety concerns and issues on the field.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please feel free to contact me via Facebook message or through here. Thanks for your consideration.

Jessica Cooke

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