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Lanham for vp

Post by LordTyrantCort » 2015-04-24

My name is Jason Lanham, and I am running for vice-president of Darkon.
I have been in Darkon for 18 yrs and the last two I have been an active member of the noble council.
While in Darkon I have been apart of multiple committees, rewrites of the rulebook and bylaws.I try in all interactions to be neutral and look at both sides, as to find the middle or be able to make a fair decision.
The vp needs to have a good relationship with the majority of Darkon and the noble council, I feel this is the case with me.
I am very approachable and will be available for your concerns. I was the leader of my country for several years and managed our meetings as the vp does for the nc.

Any questions, message me or email me at
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