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New Committees

Post by Sir Caetrel » 2015-05-01

Hail Darkon,

I am stepping down as President on July 1st with the intention of getting all the work done that I have started in the last few years. I can't get all this stuff accomplished while also serving on the Board. I'd like to thank all of the Darkonians who have assisted me in the last 10 months, including my peers on the board- Thom, Amy, Will and especially Fynox who have put in a valiant two consecutive terms. I am in no way stepping back from the club. I put alot of thought into this. I need to get off the board, clear my head, and do some work.

I am endorsing Bryan Lolmaugh as 2015-2016 President and look forward to working with him in the next year.

I am creating/ restating a group of committees to address crucial issues. These committees are effective immediately:

Chapter Growth Committee: To forge better ties with our current chapters, create new chapters and develop events to support the growing Darkon network. Members: Gerard McNeal, Justin Willoughby, Wade Puffenbarger, Bryan Jenkins. Chairperson: Justin Willoughby.

Core Rules Committee: To develop the Darkon Core Rules as a separate body of rules covering the definitive aspects of current Chapters 1-4. Members: Kevin Zygmontas, Justin Willoughby, Bryan Jenkins. Chairperson: Kevin Zygmontas.
Event Growth Committee: To develop new signature events like Bellum Aeternus. Members: Gerard McNeal, Amy McNeal, Thom Hitz, Justin Willoughby, Dallas Pierce, Angel Kane, Sergio Saenz. Chairperson: Gerard McNeal.

Land Rules Committee: To develop a more dynamic and interactive system of land actions for playtest. Members: Kyle Gibson, Chris Murphy, Travis Neal. Chairperson: Travis Neal.

Media Management Committee: To continue promoting Darkon and Darkon events through website management, social media, art production, demos and other means: Members: Sergio Saenz, Kevin Zygmontas, Chris Murphy, Gerard McNeal, Amy McNeal, Alynna Lunaris, Eric Hoffman, Jideobi Siphen, Jude Thaddeus, Thom Hitz, Rob Himberger, Jenn Schmidt, John Kornreich, Aaron Michael Bridges, Caitlin noel, john Senner. Chairperson: Gerard McNeal, Robert Marietta. Chairperson: Gerard McNeal.

These additional committees are needed in the near future. I leave them as recommendations for the new President:

Bellum Aeternus V Committee: To be formed by the new President in July.

Bylaws Update Committee: To review the current bylaws that have been in effect for 2+ years and propose any needed changes to the Senate. Recommended additions to the bylaws: Bellum Committee, Chapters Liason, Media Manager, Quartermaster as appointed or elected positions. To be formed by the new President in July.

2015 Feast Committee: To be formed by the new President in July.

If anyone else wants to be part of any of these committees please contact me asap. If anyone wants off, well...we'll see.
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