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Next Event May 17th- Burtonsville

Posted: 2015-05-12
by fingers630
Please join us for our next battle, Sunday May 17th at Burtonsville. This will be a Bizarro Ice Breaker Battle.
As a Bizarro battle, Darkonians are allowed to check in as whichever class they wish to get credit for for the day, and then play any class they wish when they step on the field, at their highest class level.

For example, I have a rank 24 Mage. I check in as a Druid for the day to get +1 druid credit, and decide to play a Cavalier for the day. I may now play as a rank 24 Cavalier for the event.

Players are encouraged to come up with unique characters and costumes for the day.

Also this will be an "Ice Breaker" Battle. During Ice Breaker battles, we will be switching up teams a lot, so everyone has a chance to fight with people they normally do not. We may do some 5 man team rez battles or 3 man team rez battles sending people back into the fray to fight. Get to know people you normally do not, that is what Darkon is about, making friends....and then slaying those friends viciously at some point later in the day.

Don't forget there are a LOT of land searches on the oven. If you are owed land searches be sure to get with Kyle Gibson our Land Marshal (Cole of Bloody Axe)

Check in starts at Noon. It will be hot. It may be raining. Come prepared to fight in the horrible field if necessary. The EB will make that call.