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Next Event 8/23/15- Burtonsville

Posted: 2015-08-11
by fingers630
Next event will be Adventure Scenarios run by Northern Kingdoms. There will also be a Senate this event voting on items from the June Senate meeting as well as any new proposals being discussed. Senate will be at the Pavillion unless someone is having a Bday Party there again.

Im assuming there will be some Land Actions so prepare accordingly. Volunteers will be needed to elder.

Re: Next Event 8/23/15- Burtonsville

Posted: 2015-08-17
by fingers630
Senate Agenda
Sunday August 23, 2015

I. Attendance Sign In and Quorum Satisfaction
II. Noble Council Notes
III. Executive Board Notes
IV. Proposal Voting: (Proposals from June Senate will voted by Senate)
a. Playtest Addition (Aethilgar)
b. Removal of Headbands and Capes as Mandatory (Inox)
c. Frost Spike Changes (Inox)
d. Spell Point Removal (Murphy)
e. Arrow Revision (Murphy)
f. Bard Playtest for 2015 (Gerard)
g. Barbarian Playtest for 2015 (Gerard)

V. Proposal Discussion:
a. Bows and Melee Combat (Steve Messick)

VI. Closing Ceremony (Darkonian Anthem as sung by Nick Garcia of Chosen Blood)