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Next Event- 11/29/15 The Hunt for Reds Orktober

Posted: 2015-11-19
by fingers630
Having been plagued by the vile Ork Boss for far too long, Dame Isabella de Fleure, has decided she has had enough. Gathering her fellow nobles, their serfs, and men at arms, she has declared an Ork Hunt!

Tracking the foul creatures the woods of Back River, Dame La Fleure has laid a challenge to her fellow huntsman to see who can collect the most Ork Teeth, with a purse of gold to go to the winner. It is time to sharpen your blades, make ready your spells, and hunt some ork!

The Rules:

First and foremost, this is a Bizarro Adventure Day. Players are encouraged to come as a cool new character, and try a different class if you desire. (Protip you WILL need clerics)

Secondly, all PCs have unlimited spell points this day. Do not worry about keeping track of them (except for Land Searches and Wars) for as long as the adventure is running. This is sorta to see how things will go if the removal of sp proposal goes through.

This leads to the next point, PCs will have no rez point. When a PC dies, a PC dies. Thankfully people have clerics with unlimited spell points right? To help these overburdened PC clerics, their resurrection spell has been reduced to 100 syllables flat (no bonus from relics or high levels). Read 100 syllables, rez a player. That player must still get mended if he or she wants their armor back.

What happens if there are no clerics alive? Well lucky for you we have a contingency for that as well. 1 Ork Tooth may be given to an elder, and used to resurect a cleric. Again no armor is regained.

The object of the hunt is to kill the orks, and to gain their teeth. If you kill an ork, and they have a tooth on them, you may loot it. If an ork kills you, they may loot your teeth collected. Teeth must be visible at all times. Be wary as Thieves with the looting skill can also loot a player of his collected teeth!

Somewhere in the woods will be Reds Orktober. He also has teeth to loot and they are worth multiple points.

At the end of the event, the player with the most teeth will win a potion and scroll of their choice as well as a purse of gold.

**Please note, players may not trade teeth with each other. Players can however let an ally die to the Orks, so that player loses his collected teeth :) **

Re: Next Event- 11/29/15 The Hunt for Reds Orktober

Posted: 2015-11-19
by fingers630
**** Couple of Notes for this event***
- This is a Bizarro event, play any class you like at your highest character level
- Clerics are VERY important for this event, as the adventure party will NOT have a res point
- Resurrection is a flat 100 syllables.
- Anyone may turn an Ork Toof in to Elder to rez a cleric
- Rezzed players still have armor damage
- All PCs have unlimited Spell Points
- Some NPCs will have a Diseased based attack, Clerics and Druids can cure this, you will want this cured as while you are diseased, your armor will not count.
- Mages and WM will be very important for Mending
- Ork Teef can be looted from any dead Ork you kill/come across.
- Ork Teef can be looted from a dead PC by a THIEF or by the Orks ONLY
- Orks will have a respawn point in the woods. Respawn rate will slow if the PCs are struggling
- At the end of the event, the player that turns in the most Ork Teef will win a purse of gold, and a potion and scroll of their choice.