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Re: Re: Noble photos

Post by jayjay » 2012-02-29

fingers630 wrote:"I can't believe it's not butter."

fingers just won the thread
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Re: Noble photos

Post by Amazing_Iltztafein » 2012-03-12

One person talked to me and got a photo. A few others said they'd rather wait until the tourney because they'd be wearing fancier stuff. I'll make sure to do it that day for those folks, too.

But for now we have Sir Tyriel:

(edited to remove UA logo, per a request)
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Re: Noble photos

Post by Sir Gwydion » 2012-03-26

Ether took a couple of photos of me that she said were going to be used as a Noble Photo.
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Re: Re: Noble photos

Post by Baroness Keira » 2012-03-27

I'd like a new photo at tourney, please. There's a bonus in it for you if there's airbrushing to take care of the defects :)
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