Language on the boards...

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Lord Dubh
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Language on the boards...

Post by Lord Dubh » 2012-02-27

The board has a default profanity filter because many of us type as we speak. This filter converts profanity and other inappropriate word usage to a "*", it is done automatically. Individually you can turn that filter off so that you don't see the "*" that replaces the profanity and instead, see the profanity. It is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to break the no profanity rule with this filter.

So how do you screw it up? By filtering yourself. Do NOT filter your use of profanity by changing letters to characters. On boards with this type of rule, it is considered and attempt to bypass the filter, which is a violation.

I appreciate that some folks are only trying to avoid issues, but just stop. If you get a warning of any kind and it is not clear, ask the moderator that sent it to clarify why they are issuing a warning instead of making passive aggressive comments on the forums, which will result in moderator action again.

Thank you.
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Thrush Svartehjertet
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Re: Language on the boards...

Post by Thrush Svartehjertet » 2012-02-27

* yeah! I can roll with these rules!

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Re: Language on the boards...

Post by fingers630 » 2012-02-27

Poppycock I say!
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Re: Language on the boards...

Post by Snudge » 2012-02-29

-user control panel
-board preferences
-edit display options
Enable word censor radial to no
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