The Golden Apple of Discord

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Sir Martin of BAMC
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The Golden Apple of Discord

Post by Sir Martin of BAMC » 2012-03-27

Thanks to everyone brave and/or foolish enough to partake of the gift of Eris!
The promised reward is very real, and has not as of yet been awarded. When the Oracle of Eris was wandering around preaching the virtues of the goddess, he asked everyone who had partaken to later regale him with the tales of the shenanigans that they caused in Her name, sowing the seeds of Discord.

I heard a bunch of them on Sunday morning, but I know there are still some people out there that haven't "reported in" with their shenanigans yet. So I'm holding off on awarding the prize until all the tales are in.

One lucky person may receive a pretty awesome long term prize... :twisted:

I have to remark on how little prompting it takes to get most of you to go buck wild.

A couple memorable "apple moments":
One promising contender remarked "Ok, I guess it's time to go start a war!", got armed up, and immediately went off cause discord. Unfortunately, this individual shortly thereafter also walked alone down the proverbial dark alley with Whisper (to predictable results), so never got to enact his plan.

Another poor soul took Discord to heart, and apparently set the Northen Kingdoms on their ear. Hooray!
Unfortunately for her, her tale ended with her "Tortured, executed, and beat with a stick", so that really didn't end well for her. Amused the hell out of ME though ;)
Also provided a great RP opportunity with Pope Faleris later.

Please send me tales of your shenanigans privately, as the prize is certainly not something you'll want me to make public.

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Re: The Golden Apple of Discord

Post by Alzarahn » 2012-03-27

Haha, that was almost Two-for-One Executions day.

Warboss Gutzmangul
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Re: The Golden Apple of Discord

Post by Warboss Gutzmangul » 2012-03-27

I missed this one. I heard something about an apple, but I'm sad I missed out on the doing-something-stupid competition. Orks excell at that sort of thing.

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Re: The Golden Apple of Discord

Post by TitusV » 2012-03-27

I'm glad I didn't bite. Martin was pretty convincing though.

Kel von Graymere
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Re: The Golden Apple of Discord

Post by Kel von Graymere » 2012-03-27

At least Discord in your pantheon. If I wasn't a loyal Kodist, I would have done it.

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Re: The Golden Apple of Discord

Post by fingers630 » 2012-03-28

That was a damn good apple. I ate the whole thing!
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