Post from Event Elders regarding Upcoming Campout

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Post from Event Elders regarding Upcoming Campout

Post by Magnus » 2012-05-29

This coming weekend we will have the honor of welcoming all of the realm to Gatorland once again. We just wanted to give notice of a few major happenings at the campout so that everyone can be properly prepared to have the moste enjoyable time possible.

First, Taking captives will be integrated into the plot of the campout. I request that all players planning on making the campout to please read or re-read the section in the darkon rulebook regarding this part of the game. These rules begin at the bottom of page 93 and ends on page 95 in the current rulebook. These rules will be read during announcements following check in on saturday as well.

Laying siege to fortifications will be another important component to the campout. I encourage everyone to bring any equipment they feel they will need, such as siege weapons, to the campout. For this campout there we will not be allowing battering rams to be used as they are written in the rulebook, an 8- 12 foot long piece of wood. We will however have padded battering rams constructed from padded tubes that are capped and have soft cell on both ends.

There will be relics at the campout that are foreign to the realm of Darkon, and one native relic that will be given a face lift.

The Idol

A small statue.

This relic allows the holder to cast a Curse spell, with the invocation "I Invoke the Idol's Curse." This item holds one charge, and must be recharged before using it again. It is usable by Clerics and evil Cavaliers. The wielder must have a Curse spellball in order to use the relic (one will be provided when the item comes into play, however I can't guarantee that it will always be around.)

The Gem

A large black gem on a necklace.

This relic allows a class normally capable of delivering shieldbreaking hits (Fighter, Cavalier) to do so with any Black weapon (meaning, Black swords and Black glaives.)

The Book of Infinite Spells

A set of durable pages.

Fragments of this ancient book can be found and used by any class capable of casting the spell contained on the page. The player using it must simply read the spell as if they were casting from a scroll. However, this scroll is not consumed on casting- it carries a single charge, which may be recharged through the normal means.

The Shield of Deflection

A green shield that looks more awesome than ever.

In addition to its normal capabilities, the Shield of Deflection is capable of nullifying Green class damage on contact. So, if the wielder of the Shield intercepts an incoming Fireball or siege weapon strike with the shield, the attack is rendered harmless. The wielder must contact the projectile or other object dealing the effect with the shield itself in order for the effect to function, unlike the Brooch of Shielding.

Last but not least, there will be alcoholic beverages being served at the casino(tavern) at the campout. If you wish to partake of the beverages, you will need to show proper identification proving you are of legal age to drink. We will be marking those carded, but still plan to carry your I.D. on you at all times if possible. The casino will be charging in game currency (gold, siliver, potions, or anything you think you can barter with) and will also accepting donations of real money.
We hope to see you all there on friday and be able to give you a real Gatorland Hotel Casino and Spa welcome!

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Re: Post from Event Elders regarding Upcoming Campout

Post by Inox » 2012-05-30

Can Thieves with Read Magical Languages use the Book of Infinite Spells?
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