Thanks for a great campout

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Baroness Keira
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Thanks for a great campout

Post by Baroness Keira » 2012-06-04

Thanks so much BAMC and BAMC South for running a great event this weekend! The premise was easy to understand and fun to play. All of the NPCs were enthusiastic and creative. The rain on Friday led to a muddy but gorgeous Saturday. Plenty of RP + plenty of fighting = fun.

I sincerely hope the gator people decide to take those night classes that I recommended about human cultures. I'm happy to offer scholarships. I also hope that the poor gator who was touched in a bad place by Steve Irwin can find peace and further counseling.

A good time was had by all!
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jess skaar
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Re: Thanks for a great campout

Post by jess skaar » 2012-06-04

I know myself and many of the south bamc had a blast and thank you Dame for helping me decide on a name!

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Re: Thanks for a great campout

Post by muffin » 2012-06-04

Thank you South BAMC Branch for coming up to visit You're all a bunch of great people and it's fun meeting and working with you every time *^.^*

Nassir of Ravenscar
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Re: Thanks for a great campout

Post by Nassir of Ravenscar » 2012-06-04

I had a great time this past weekend. It was a total blast being a NPC for everyone.
I met some great people, and made some great new friends who I look forward to seeing at the next campout.
Dame Keira, rest assured the little gator has recieved suitable counseling and wishes to thank you for comforting him, he looks forward to seeing you soon.
Nassir of Ravenscar
Southern Branch Bloody Axe.

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Reona Windwalker
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Re: Thanks for a great campout

Post by Reona Windwalker » 2012-06-04

Yes! Thank you for running this campout. I had an absolute blast!

The fighting was great! I absolutely adored the gatormen and loved the RP in general this campout. I just wish I could have been there that entire final battle!

My character has been scarred with the images of wolf-gator-things... Good times!
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