Here we go again, Burtonsville + Rain

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Here we go again, Burtonsville + Rain

Post by shroom2021 » 2012-10-06

Forcast for sunday is 52 and rainy (pretty typical for Darkon weather) and we are at Burtonsville again. ... D0062:1:US

Are we using an alternate site or the woods?

I appreciate that EB has a life outside of the game, but I would like to know if it is possible to get an official statement soon so that I am not making adjustments at the last minute to get to tomorrows event. I am sure I am not the only one who will have to adjust fire if there is a change in venue.

Thank you.

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Re: Here we go again, Burtonsville + Rain

Post by smelton » 2012-10-06

Me too. About 8-10 of us are driving up tomorrow from down south
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Re: Here we go again, Burtonsville + Rain

Post by Thrush Svartehjertet » 2012-10-06

Redland is close to Burtonsville... And the Redland woods ("field" down at the bottom) are pretty awesome for all sorts of fighting...

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Re: Here we go again, Burtonsville + Rain

Post by President » 2012-10-06

We will use the Burtonsville woods and the tournament ring will go near the play ground.

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