Event marshal has a question.

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Bard the Bastard
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Event marshal has a question.

Post by Bard the Bastard » 2012-01-14

Could the person in charge of the ship and siege play-test contact me.
Riggsproductions@ gmail.com

I'd like to know what supplies you need as well as what your format might be. I want to make sure we have space and times set from the start.

Also if anyone plans on running any jugging or separate fight variations. Let me know ahead of time and I'll see what I can fit in each event.
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Lord Dubh
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Re: Event marshal has a question.

Post by Lord Dubh » 2012-01-14


The Ships and Siege playtest is to test out the larger structures and ships as well as the rulings on siege weapons on ships.

Land Marshal should be the one with the items but since these are larger....not sure they have it all. Pat Kelly has stuff for the larger structures.
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Re: Event marshal has a question.

Post by LordTyrantCort » 2012-01-15

I have rope and stakes for boat. We need to build "safe" posts for the structures and cloth walls.
If I can be paid back I will hit up Joanne's and make the cloth walls.
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Lord Cailen Sendor
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Re: Event marshal has a question.

Post by Lord Cailen Sendor » 2012-01-15

I am Patrick Kelly

I made some posts out of tennis balls I had at my home and when requested I bring them to events ... at burtonsville this year you saw what they look like ... I use yarn for the "rope" as it was cheap and you get a whole lot for a low price in like a 500 yard bundle the posts I made and painted are about 3 feet tall made from painted pvc with a tennis ball taped to the top and covered in cloth for safty - you have to drive in a hole reamer before pushing them in the ground so as to make a channel for them to sit in

I am the current keeper for the noble ring and all that it entails (it is now a octagon not a square).

So if you need anything please contact me directly and request what you need and I will see if I can help - that is what Yaron did and why I brought the needed items to the burtonsville event and set it up per his request.

Glad to be of assistance,
Prince Cailen Sendor
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Re: Event marshal has a question.

Post by fingers630 » 2012-01-16

Yeah the ones Pat brought out for the undead battle were pretty damned cool.

let me know if you need any help for the playtesting.
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