Bellum Aeternus T-Shirts for sale early!

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Kai Firebrand
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Bellum Aeternus T-Shirts for sale early!

Post by Kai Firebrand » 2012-11-02

Bellum Aeternus T-shirts will be for sale at the next event at Redland Middle School, 2 weeks early!

The T-shirts are awesome Black shirts with white logos! These are nice heavy cotton T-shirts (6oz) so they are very durable and feel awesome!

Small Darkon logo on the front, Large BeAe Logo on the back!

The shirts will be 20$ Small to XL, 25$ for larger sizes! Be the first to get your Darkon/Bellum Shirt, and prepare for an awesome 2 back to back events in Darkon History!
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Re: Bellum Aeternus T-Shirts for sale early!

Post by Lord Cailen Sendor » 2012-11-02

Where is that like key !!! That sounds awesome!
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mardux zulammar
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Re: Bellum Aeternus T-Shirts for sale early!

Post by mardux zulammar » 2012-11-02

We have a logo?!

Also.. can't wait to see em.
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