Crown War Reflections

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Crown War Reflections

Post by shroom2021 » 2012-11-05

Awesome friggin event!

To my knowledge everyone was taking their shots and everything went smoothly. It was great seeing so many people out there for the war and even better trying to hit them with my spear :)
I wanted to thank everyone for fighting hard and not taking the results too seriously. And I want to thank those who organized the event for making it run smoothly even though this is the first time we have ever done this.

That even has made me more than anxious for the bellum thingy happening on the 18th. I look forward to seeing you all there!

Gor Strayhorn
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Re: Crown War Reflections

Post by Gor Strayhorn » 2012-11-05

The charge and combat on Cailen's gun side was probably the best fight that I have ever had in Darkon.
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Re: Crown War Reflections

Post by Zodiac89 » 2012-11-06

Second that notion. I am quite happy I fielded with Mordom, as that put me right in the thick of said combat.
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Saris Fey-Branche
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Re: Crown War Reflections

Post by Saris Fey-Branche » 2012-11-06

Yeah, exciting event.

Still a little depressing to see even the lowliest newb I killed getting ressurrected afterward. asfhgsdjkfhasdjlh

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Re: Crown War Reflections

Post by fingers630 » 2012-11-06

LOL the second fight we had a dedicated team to drag your dead back to a pile behind us. I told them to have cookies for you guys, but they were pricks.
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