Happy Thanksgiving!

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Lord Cailen Sendor
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Post by Lord Cailen Sendor » 2012-11-21

To everyone and thier families Happy Thanksgiving!!! with the past 2 events rocking so hard I think we all need a well deserved rest see everyone in 2 Sundays!!!
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Post by shroom2021 » 2012-11-22

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

My apologies for having to leave before your crowning. Unfourtunately a new house and school had to come first.

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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Post by Zodiac89 » 2012-11-22

May the Benevolent Mother of all Nature bless you with a bountiful feast bestowed upon all the world through her majestic beauty.
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