2012 rulebook link

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2012 rulebook link

Post by fingers630 » 2013-01-25

this doesnt work for me, am I missing something? also is it needed or can we just remove it?
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Re: 2012 rulebook link

Post by Kobalos » 2013-01-29

Ditto here, on both counts. I'm guessing the file was removed from the directory, but they left the link up.

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Re: 2012 rulebook link

Post by Volney » 2013-01-30

It looks like the Rulebooks Page was changed, and the link from the Fourms was not been updated,

Darkon Rulebook - January 2013

Is the updated location. I don't mind it on the announcement section as there are no other direct links to get from the Forums back to the Main site.
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Re: 2012 rulebook link

Post by Lord Dubh » 2013-01-30

Yeah...really wish we could add a link back to the main page from the forums.
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