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Post by Snudge » 2013-01-26

Printer is fixed
Who wants a map at event
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Sir Sturmbjorne
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Re: Maps!

Post by Sir Sturmbjorne » 2013-01-26

I'll take one
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Re: Maps!

Post by Dienekes » 2013-01-26

I would love one sir
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Lord Cailen Sendor
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Re: Maps!

Post by Lord Cailen Sendor » 2013-01-26

I also would love one sir
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Keiori Night
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Re: Maps!

Post by Keiori Night » 2013-01-26

Mordom would like one. Thanks :)
Keiori Night
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Cole McCrae
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Re: Maps!

Post by Cole McCrae » 2013-01-26

BAMC would love a map!
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mardux zulammar
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Re: Maps!

Post by mardux zulammar » 2013-01-26

Northern Kingdoms would like one. If you could get it to myself, Moonrift, or Rza that'd be awesome. Thanks in advance.
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