Senate Agenda for Jan 29th

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Senate Agenda for Jan 29th

Post by Prince Andrick » 2012-01-22

Senate Agenda For Jan 29th 2012:

1) Vote on delay of land actions until next event, doubling up on actions at that event

2) Introduction of Marshals for 2012

3) Presentation and discussion of proposals SP-2012A-1A through 7A

4) Re-Presentation of modified proposals NONE

5) Voting on final proposals NONE

This is the way senate will run all year. Proposals made and discussed, next meeting re-proposed with any modifications made after initial proposal, voted on at meeting after. Note that variation may occur in cases where more or less discussion time is needed. For example, if no changes are made from initial presentation to re-presentation, a proposal will be voted on at the first meeting after initial proposal. Conversely, if it is changed again on re-proposal, it will not be voted on again at the next meeting after. Feel free to email or post on the official boards any questions you may have.

Tim Beavers

***** Reminder, if you are making a proposal(s) at this meeting, you or a person you designate must be there with sufficent printed copies of your proposal for all of senate. Failure to do so will result in your proposal(s) being removed fromt he agenda for this meeting*****
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