Help.....? needed?

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Help.....? needed?

Post by muffin » 2013-01-31

Please, if there is anything anyone needs help with such things as house cleaning, yard work, laundry and some light sewing and you live in the Baltimore Area and are willing to pay. Please, I really need to make some money to pay bills and live. I pretty much have nothing left.

also I bake, if you would like Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies and Muffins.

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Re: Help.....? needed?

Post by Tsukebe » 2013-04-03

As a side note - I am in a similar situation. I'm down in the DC/NoVA area and additionally provid 4-star chef meals, catering, professional quality pastry baking and animal grooming.

I also have some small (VERY small) skill at woodworking, wood-turning and welding.

I also am an MHIC lic contractor so I can do any non-electrical, non-plumbing, non-roofing home repairs and have it covered by MHIC insurance. I can do electrical, plumbing and roofing, but it won't be covered by my insurance...

I also am skilled at setting up home networks and debugging Microsoft computers.

I desperately need some more $$$

My wife needs side jobs too. She is a lic child-care provider and Maryland state teacher, with a focus on early childhood education. If you need affordable babysitting or childcare contact me!!
Examples of my work, and references are available upon request
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