LARP magazine / "How I can enjoy your games?"

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LARP magazine / "How I can enjoy your games?"

Post by LARPzeit » 2012-04-15


I got your website from Gillian Hogan. She is aupair from southafrica and interst to come to your LARP covention. I´m form Germany and friend of the host from Gillian. However. I don´t can come to the next convention next week becauce I have to leave the area. But I gave Gillian some copies for the magazine "LARPzeit International" ( ... online.pdf) to give to interesting people. But also the Online-PDF is maybe interesting!?

My second question is about "How I can enjoy your games?" LARP in germany is maybe a little bit different. What I have to to or not to do? Befor somebody want kill me? :-) And what about the weapons. I use weapons form Calimacil, Wyvern, ForgottenDreams, Mytholon/Hammerkunst. Is that OK?


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Re: LARP magazine / "How I can enjoy your games?"

Post by Lord Cailen Sendor » 2012-04-15

Greetings Tara,

For us we get together every other sunday. If you get the chance to come out do not worry about weapons there are people that will be able to lend you what you need. We do not use the weapons that the German LARPS do to my knowledge. From testing those weapons tend to not suit our needs. We use weapons as seen on the site under full contact specifically - ... ullcontact

If you state before hand which battle you are attending me or another from the organization will be more then happy to bring what you need as we have extra that we lend to players that request it.

Consider most of our events as a full contact sport where it is mostly fighting over and over in different senarios with the teams being sorted threwout the day to make it fair. There is some roleplaying but most of that is primarly at our campouts that go all weekend several times a year.

Hope you make a event and would be interesting to hear from you after you have come out what the differences are between here and Germany.

In service,
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