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Northern Vermont associated realm?

Posted: 2012-09-22
by Archora
Not sure if this is where I should post this, so if I am in the wrong by posting this here, feel free to either delete it or move it to the appropriate board. Thanks!

I'm not sure if you guys will remember me as I'm sure the game and the realm has gone through many changes since I have moved from Maryland and taken root in Vermont, but I gotta say it's good to be on the boards again. The reason for this is pretty simple, actually: I have been itching to fight. However, there are no clubs/groups in the area where I can do this the way I would like: with structure. So I got to thinking, I had heard about 'chapters' being made in other states that are either wholly or loosely based off of Darkon and I thought it'd be a nifty idea to start one in my area of Vermont. Where I live I am surrounded by three colleges, so there are plenty of bored college students with just the right amount of nerdom to join up and swing sticks with me!

Here's where we get to the issue, though. I have no idea how to go about doing this. So I came here, in high hopes that the wonderful people of Darkon, whom I miss oh so very much (even through all the * and whatnottery that went on due to my ridiculousness), would be willing to point me in the right direction and help me out!

So, how's about it? Halp? :D

Re: Northern Vermont associated realm?

Posted: 2012-09-22
by Lord Cailen Sendor
Greetings Archora,

I might make some sugestions...
1. treat your new start up as a something to do to have fun - get your friends involved (like starting a country) start to build gear so not only can you have what you need - but you have loner weapons others can use.

2. as long as you call it by what ever name you want to you should be fine, just do not call it "Darkon" but your "rules" can be based off of Darkon.

3. get a following and as it grows then you can worry about the next steps (advertisement-contacting other groups-arranging places to fight...ect)

4. make 100% sure the weapons you are using are safe if you get someone hurt in the beggining just to have a extra questionable weapon on the field it will and can destroy all you are trying to do and at the same time can get you into legal issues AGAIN make sure everything everyone is using is safe to the best of your ability and make sure every player gets a proper edcuation on what is and is not allowed - it only works when people care about the other people and safety when it breaks down and resorts to people actually trying to hurt others that is when there is no reason to keep going

hope that helps

Re: Northern Vermont associated realm?

Posted: 2012-09-22
by Archora
Thanks so much for the response, Cailen!

I had planned on starting weapons production sometime next month, actually, as I'm using these last couple weeks of September to gather an interest in the idea itself. I remember quite a bit from attempting to build weapons when I played Darkon, so hopefully all goes well, haha.

As far as safety goes, I am already going over the Darkon rule book again and again to get a good and solid idea of where the safety lines are in the game. As with the foamsmithing, I remember quite a bit but one can never be too careful! Would I be able to come here for questions if I end up having any?

Also, would it be smart to print waivers for the first few 'unofficial' events? Just to be safe and sure 2000%? I don't want anyone getting hurt during the first gathering and end up being the one to botch the whole thing so... having waivers printed and signed before the game is fully established, good idea?

Re: Northern Vermont associated realm?

Posted: 2012-10-01
by President
Ok, so here is my advise.

Set a schedule and stick to it. There is nothing worse for a fledgling game then to not have events and to cancel events that have been scheduled. Use the same park for the first few months to make it easy to find you.

Start small, meaning don't worry about EB, Senate, NC, landrules etc. Use the core rules of classes, armor and combat and just get started.

Use the rules we have as written so that when the time comes for us to allow chapters you can transition easily.

John M

Re: Northern Vermont associated realm?

Posted: 2014-01-02
by Archora
My apologies for bringing back an old post but I wanted to bring it back in order to make a little update and to ask about the progress of the decision to allow 'official' chapters.

I've taken the advice that was offered a couple months ago. I have a small group of about ten people working with me to create a game up here and get word out. Tomorrow will be our first weapons building day We've named the game, we have a general back story, we aren't worrying about a King or a Queen or an EB or anything like that. We are worrying about having fun and learning first, given that I am the only one up here that's played Darkon or has LARPed at all. We are compiling a small schedule that we will continue to build on come the Spring. So... I guess the point is that we are actually doing quite well for the small group we are right now.

So, as there doesn't seem to an official decision on the Chapters yet, am I allowed to use the Darkon rule book for the time being?

Is there any further advice that anyone is willing to offer?

Re: Northern Vermont associated realm?

Posted: 2014-02-10
by Baroness Keira
Thank you for inquiring about starting a Darkon chapter. We just enacted a new system to make that possible for you! We're excited to be expanding our game nationwide, and look forward to working with you and other prospective chapters to help you get established in the World of Darkon.

I'm happy to help you get started. Contact me at for more details and we can start getting your group registered.